ISO15693 Long Range Reader Module, Premium


The HF Long Range Reader Module ID ISC.LRM2500-A identifies transponders according to ISO 15693 with an operating frequency of 13.56 MHz. The reader module combines a powerful reader with the functionality of an industrial PC in one device.


The reader module ID ISC.LRM2500-A is licensed according to ETSI, FCC and IC and is characterized by the following features:


     Embedded Linux system allows installation of individual application software directly on the reader platform

     High receiver sensitivity cares for an enlarged and at the same time homogeneous tag detection range

     Transmitter architecture with high resistance against incorrect cable length and disturbed power supply

     Integrated diagnostic possibilities e.g. SWR meter and temperature control

     Various configuration options for software and hardware

     Supply of connected function units directly over the antenna cable


Due to its fast data processing and the outstanding anticollision performance the reader module ID ISC.LRM2500-A is suitable for applications with a high number of tags inside the reading area (e.g. smart cabinet, tunnel, etc.).


Order description              ID ISC.LRM2500-A

Dimensions (W x H x D)       160 mm x 120 mm x 46 mm
(6,3 inch x 4,7 inch x 1,8 inch)

Weight                                 ca. 0.6 kg

Operating frequency            13.56 MHz

Transmitting power              2 W – 12 W (adjustable)

Modulation                           10 % - 30 % (adjustable)

Power supply                       24 V DC

Power consumption             typ. 35 W

Antenna connection             1 x SMA connector (50 Ω)

Supply voltage on               8 V DC (max. 150 mA)

antenna output

Outputs                               2 Optocoupler (24 V, 30 mA)
3 Relays (24 V, 1 A)

Inputs                                  3 Optocoupler (5…24 V, 20 mA)

Interfaces                            Ethernet (TCP/IP), USB 2.0, RS232, RS485, USB-Host for WLAN dongle or memory stick

Indicators, optical                 5 LEDs for diagnosis

Supported transponders       ISO 15693
(ISO 18000-3 MODE 1)*

Reader modes                     ISO Host Mode, Scan Mode, Buffered Read Mode, Notification Mode

Others                                 Anticollision function
Real time clock
RSSI data readout

Temperature range

   Operation                       –25 °C up to 55 °C
(-13 °F up to 131 °F)

   Storage                          –25 °C up to 85 °C
(-13 °F up to 185 °F)

Relative Humidity                 5…80 % (non-condensing)


      *    e.g. EM HF ISO Chips, Fujitsu HF ISO Chips, IDS Sensor Chips,
Infineon my-d, KSW Sensor Chips, NXP I-Code, STM ISO Chips,
TI Tag-it




Radio license
   Europe                           EN 300 330

   USA                               FCC 47 CFR Part 15

   Canada                          IC RSS-GEN, RSS-210

EMC                                    EN 301 489

   Low voltage EN 60950
   Human Exposure EN 50364
Vibration   EN 60068-2-6
        10…150 Hz: 0,075 mm / 1 g
Shock resistance      EN 60068-2-27
Acceleration: 30 g