HF Antenna with manual alignment and IP65

ID ISC.ANT310/310

HF Antenna ID ISC.ANT310/310-A is distributed, already

adjusted for most applications ex works. By means of

jumpers the antenna can be adjusted to changing

surrounding conditions, optimally.


Typical applications for the antenna are libraries, document

tracking, video shops, logistics at conveyor belts or sorting

systems, access control and industrial data acquisition. The

antenna can be employed in indoor- and outdoor use



With a maximum transmitting power of up to 8 W, the

antenna can be operated with several HF readers by FEIG ELECTRONIC. Due to the used reader, read ranges of up to 70 cm can be realized.


Dimensions (B x H x T)           318 mm x 338 mm x 30 mm

Weight                                   approx. 700 g

Housing                                  Plastic ASA

Color                                      white

Protection class                      IP 65

Temperature range

  - Operation                         - 25 °C up to 55 °C

  - Storage                            - 25 °C up to 60 °C

Relative air humidity               5…95 % (non-condensing)

Operating frequency               13.56 MHz

Maximum transmitting power  8 W

Admissible transmitting power

  EU (REC 70-03 An. 9F1)*   8 W

  EU (EN 300 330)                4 W

  USA (FCC Part 15)             4 W

Read ranges

  1.0 W transmitting power1   43 cm**

  4.0 W transmitting power2   60 cm**

  8.0 W transmitting power3   70 cm**


Antenna connection                1 x SMA plug (50 )

Antenna connection cable       RG58, 50 , length approx. 3.6 m

  *In connection with the reader ID ISC.LR2500 and according regulations EN 300 330 and
   ERC Recommendation 70-03 Annex 9 Vol.

**Read ranges using a transponder 46 x 75 mm2 over the centre of the antenna
   and parallel orientation to the antenna

1 For example Mid Range Reader ID ISC.MR102
2 For example Long Range Reader ID ISC.LR2500

3 For example Long Range Reader ID ISC.LR2500



Radio approval
  Europe                                EN 300 330
  USA                                   FCC 47 CFR Part 15

EMC                                      EN 301 489

  Low voltage                        EN 60950
  Human Exposure                EN 50364