Shielded HF Pad Antenna

ID ISC.ANT370/270

The ID ISC.ANTS370/270-A is designed as a very flat and external antenna for contactless data exchange with common HF transponders and is attractive with its outstanding performance and the modern design.

With these features the antenna is suitable for desktop applications in offices and libraries to trace files or documents and to detect lendable items at the check out or return point. The read range with single transponders could reach more than 30 cm.

Due to its integrated shielding transponders will be detected only inside the antenna area and interferences between several antennas will be minimized. Additionally the installation on metallic or conductive surfaces has no influence on the antenna. Therefor the ID ISC.ANTS370/270-A  could be used in normally unsuitable environments.

The antenna ID ISC.ANTS370/270-A has an included coaxial cable to connect it directly to a reader. To indicate different conditions the blue LED could be powered with a DC voltage on the antenna output of the reader.


Dimensions (W x H x D)         376 mm x 276 mm x 27 mm
(14,8 inch x 10,9 inch x 1,1 inch)

Weight                                   approx. 2 kg (4,4 lbs)



  - Pad                                  Acrylic glass

  - Upper part                        Plastic SB

  - Lower part                        Zinced steel


  - Pad                                  transparent; black

  - Upper part                        similar RAL 9003 (white)


Protection class                      IP 30

Temperature range

  - Operation                         –25 °C up to 55 °C
(-13 °F up to 131 °F)

  - Storage                            –25 °C up to 70 °C
(-13 °F up to 158 °F)

Relative air humidity               5…95 % (non-condensing)


Operating frequency               13,56 MHz

Max. input power                    1,5 W

Antenna connection                RG58 coaxial cable with SMA connector (50 Ω);
approx. 2,3m long (90.5 inch)


Indicator, optical                     1 LED (blue; switchable via DC voltage at the antenna output of the reader)



EMC                                      EN 301 489

   Electrical safety                 EN 60950
   Human exposure               EN 50364